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Insertions and deletions cause frameshifts when translating DNA sequences to protein sequences -- RDP FrameBot detects and corrects these frameshift errors. Given a DNA read and a set of known protein sequences, it produces frameshift-corrected protein and DNA sequences and an optimal global-local protein pairwise alignment.

You can adjust the length cutoff (after alignment) and the percent identity cutoff to filter out non-target reads. FrameBot has been tested and pre-configured for several important functional genes (see more details in Help). If your gene is not in the list, you need to provide your own set of protein target sequences (limited to 1000).

The open source, command-line version of this tool is available as part of our RDP Tools package from for local installation. Valuable help info is available in the tool README files.

If you use FrameBot, please cite our latest article.

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