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FunGene Pipeline

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If you use RDP's FunGene, please cite:
Fish, J. A., B. Chai, Q. Wang, Y. Sun, C. T. Brown, J. M. Tiedje, and J. R. Cole (2013).
FunGene: the Functional Gene Pipeline and Repository. Front. Microbiol. 4: 291.

Note: If you experience problems with the pyrosequencing pipeline, please contact us and we will help you get your sequences processed.

Fungene News

01/04/2022  RDP Systems Are Running
RDP and FunGene websites are back online! We experienced a multi-server hardware failure in October that took the sites offline The cause has stil...

10/04/2020  RDP Taxonomy Updated
Now using RDP taxonomy 18. Check the updated release and reinstall any older versions of the rdp classifier to use the new taxonomy.

12/12/2018  RDP and Fungene Pipelines are back online now!
The issues causing long delays in RDP and Fungene Pipelines in the past week have been resolved. Users need to re-submit the jobs for which resul...

12/06/2018  RDP and Fungene Pipeline problems
RDP Pipeline and Fungene Pipeline are currently not working properly due to technical issues. While RDP team is working hard on restoring the servi...

11/14/2018  myRDP and RDP Pipeline back to normal
The issue that caused submitted jobs being delayed in myRDP and RDP Pipeline has been resolved. All service functions are working normally.

06/05/2018  RDP phone system restored
RDP phone service is now back online.

06/04/2018  RDP phone system down
RDP phone system is temporarily out of service!

03/05/2018  RDP web tool problems fixed!

03/05/2018  RDP web tool problems
We apologize for ongoing problems with several RDP web tools. Our team is now working hard to get them fixed!

11/10/2017  myRDP login problem fixed!